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List of lenses by NAME

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Explainations :
N/A : Can't be attribued because it's inexistant or it's out of the norm
Reproduction : It regroups any process lenses, enlarger lenses and any kind of reproduction lenses.
Cinema : It's attribued to any lenses designed for video (8mm, 16mm or 35mm).
LF : Large format photography. Need to note that most of aerial lenses cover LF.
MF : Medium format, like 6x4.5 6x6, 6x7, 6x9
B : It's for B mount, equivalent to Pentacon-6, used on Kiev-6 serie.
V : It's for V mount, equivalent to reversed Hasselblad 1600F mount, used on most of Kiev-88's.
C : It's Ц mount for Zenit-4/5/6, similar to DKL (Deckel) but with different focal flange.
M39 : Reflex 39mm mount
LTM : Rangefinder 39mm mount.
39mm : 39mm with another focal flange.
42mm : 42mm wit another focal flange.
Ciné mount : It contains various ciné mount, like OST-18, Rodina, etc...

                NAME                   FOCAL             APERTURE                     MOUNT                              PURPOSE

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