List of common soviet lenses

Here is a synthetic board showing most common lenses made by soviet union.

Like for every synthetic board, it has to be read considering some things, like :

1) This board is not a list of EVERY lenses made by soviet industry. First of all, I selected only 35mm (FullFrame) and Medium format lenses, because they are definitly the most usable lenses on modern cameras. So, this board does not contain :
-Lenses for 16mm cameras.
-Lenses for wood or large format cameras
-Lenses for enlargers
-Lenses for TV or movie camera.
-Lenses for aerial photography
-Lenses for different kind of scientific duties
-Lenses for projectors.

2) The "possible suffixes" show the different suffixes (letter or number) that you can find at the end of lenses names (for exemple, Helios 44M4, M4 is the suffixe, whereas the name of the lens is Helios 44).

3) Some brief infos about mount (you can find complete page about them here (soon in english) ) :

M42 : 42mm threat mount for SLR camera, can be easily adapted on modern cameras.
L39 : 39mm threat mount for rangefinder camera, cannot be adapted on SLR camera.
M39 : 39mm threat mount for SLR camera, can easily be adapted on modern cameras.
Kiev : Bayonet mount for rangefinder camera Kiev. The focus ring is on the camera, coupled with rangefinder. Can't be adapted on SLR camera, and not easily on mirrorless.
Автомат : Bayonet mount with intern diaphragme control (no ring). No adapter avaible until now, even if it is virtualy possible to adapt it, using FD mount adapter.
Б : Bayonet mount for Kiev-6 (type Pentacon-6), can be easily adapted on modern cameras.
В : Bayonet mount for Kiev-88, can be easily adapted on modern cameras (adapter is harder to find than pentacon-6 adapter).
N : Nikon bayonet mount, can be easily adapted on modern cameras.
A : Interchangeable mount (like T2 mount). The A mount lenses are usualy sold with M42 mount.
K : Pentax K bayonet mount, can be easily adapted on modern cameras.

4) Be carefull! Some lenses cannot be adapted on 5D. They hit the mirror of the camera in infinity position!

5) If you're not very aware about name of factory, you can learn a bit with my guide des usines soviétiques (soon in english).

LensFocal (mm)Max aperture (f/)Possible suffixesMountFactory
Helios 40851.5-2M39, M42KMZ,
Helios 44582.0-2,-3,-7,M,M4,M5,M6,M7, K4M39, M42, KKMZ,MMZ
Helios 65502.0АвтоматАвтоматArsenal
Helos 77502.0M, M4, K4M42, KKMZ
Helios 81502.0N, АвтоматN,АвтоматArsenal
Helios 103501.8KievArsenal
Industar 10503.5L39FED
Industar 22503.5L39, M39FED, LZOS, KOMZ
Industar 26502.8mL39FED
Industar 50503.5-2M39, M42KMZ
Industar 61502.8-L/Z, L/DL39, M42FED, LZOS
Jupiter 3501.5L39, KievKMZ, ZOMZ, Jupiter
Jupiter 61802.8-2M39, M42KMZ
Jupiter 8502.0ML39, KievKMZ, ZOMZ, Arsenal
Jupiter 9852.0L39, Kiev, M39, M42KMZ, LZOS, Arsenal
Jupiter 111354AL39, Kiev, M39, AKOMZ
Jupiter 12352.8L39, KievKMZ, LZOS
Jupiter 212004M,AM42, AKMZ, VOMZ
Jupiter 362503.5Б,ВБ, ВArsenal
Jupiter 371353.5A,M,AMM42, AKOMZ
Kaleinar 51002.8NN, M42Arsenal
Kaleinar 31502.8Б,ВБ,ВArsenal
Mir 1372.8В, Автомат, ШM39, M42, АвтоматKMZ, VOMZ, Arsenal
Mir 3653.5Б,ВArsenal
Mir 10283.5A,MM42, AKMZ
Mir 20203.5A,N, АвтоматA,N, АвтоматKMZ, Arsenal
Mir 24352.0MM42KMZ
Mir 26453.5Б,ВБ,ВArsenal
Mir 38653.5Б,ВБ,ВArsenal
Mir 47202.5M,N,KM,N,KVOMZ
Orion-15286.0L39, KievKMZ
Russar MR2205.6L39, KievKMZ
Tair 33004.5AM39, AKMZ
Tair 111352.8-2, AM39, M42, AKMZ
Tair 333004.5Б,ВArsenal
Telemar 222005.6-2, AM39, M42, AKMZ
Telear 52505.6Б,ВБ,ВArsenal
Vega 3502.8ЦKMZ
Vega 12902.8Б,ВБ,ВArsenal
Vega 281202.8Б,ВБ,ВArsenal
Volna 3802.8Б,ВArsenal
Volna 9502.8M42LZOS
Zenitar 501.7M,KM42, KKMZ
Zenitar 501.9M,KM42, KKMZ
Zenitar502.0M,M2,M2s,K,K2M42, KKMZ
Zenitar162.8M,KM42, KKMZ

Thanks to : (Many thanks to Thierry Hacquard for his comments, suggestions and corrections!)

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